Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When does the season start?

Usually, there are three seasons of games each calendar year: Spring, Summer and Fall.  That could change slightly depending on Covid, and we are considering whether to have 2 seasons or 3 .  The player draft is usually in early February  and those selected in the draft are contacted by their coach re: practices.


When are games played?

Games are played on Tuesday evenings. In most cases, teams will play a double header each evening, beginning at 6:30 PM.  Each game lasts approximately one hour, or six innings, back to back, with 5 min break between games.


Who can play?

Any player who is 60 years or older by the end of 2021 is eligible. 


What skill level is required to participate?

You don't have to run fast, be able to throw a runner out at 1B from LF, or hit home runs. The only requirement is a desire to play senior softball and have fun.


How much does it cost?

Each season will cost approx. $55 per player. The fee goes to pay for the use of the fields, umpires (two per game), softballs and jerseys (one per player in each calendar year). Jerseys are given to those who've paid their fee before the Spring season. As new players join the league, jerseys are provided if they are still available.


How many teams are in the league?

In 2015, the league consisted of 4 teams.  In 2016, we expanded to 6 teams of approx. 15 players each.  As the season progresses, new players are evaluated and added  to various teams if current players are unable to continue playing. We started 2020 with 7 teams and approximately 108 players, in addition to a pool of players that were added as injuries and situations dictated.


How do I get on a team?

Call Ronny at 405-417-2264.  He will get you set up with an evaluation to assess the degree of your skills and abilities. This is done to ensure you are well-matched to the team on which you are placed. Players will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Current 2020 players will have first right of participation.


Once evaluated, a committee of league coaches will then assign you to a team using a draft process.  This is to prevent one team from becoming significantly better or worse than another, affording each team a relatively equal opportunity of winning each week (league parity).


When are player evaluations?

Evaluations will be held in January.  If you want to be considered for the spring, summer, and fall sessions, contact Ronny to coordinate when you can be available. Those are usually done on the weekend.  You may participate in more than one, because you'll enjoy the process.


When are practices?

The draft will be held in early Feb. 2021, players will then be contacted by their coach.  Team practices usually start in February, & depending on weather, are held weekly until the spring season starts in late March or early April.  After the season begins, practices usually end.

Can I choose on which team I would like to play?

In this league, players are assigned to a team by league leadership through a draft process. Each year everyone is redrafted, so you end up making many friends.


Can I bring a friend or form a team?

Yes and no. Each player will be assigned to a team according to the league’s process. No exceptions.

No pre-established teams are included in this league.