Baby squirrel watching you...
Robin looking for lunch or dinner.
Mama squirrel having a nut.
Looks like a white tulip to me.
White and pink flowers in front of sycamore tree.
Don't know what this is, but looks like it could be a sheriff's star...
Red tulips among the greenery.
Dandelion just thrown into the creek by a little boy...
A gnome house made out of a stump. Look closely for different characters and the front door at the bottom.
A group of colorful tulips.
Reflection of the trees in the lake.
A bright single tulip.
One of the many plants at Will Rogers Park.
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Since we've all been cooped up inside for a few weeks, thought I would share some springtime photos taken around my house and from Will Rogers Park in OKC last week. (Pictures by Mike Armstrong)

Double click on photo to enlarge and read description below.

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