Cliff East makes a funny expression while throwing. We all do this!
Joe Broussard shows his muscles along with his perfect swing!
Hubie Johnson delivering a line drive!
Butch Underwood prepares to tag Jim Dolezel out.
Butch then completes his throw to finish the double play.
What the hell is going on?
Jim Dolezel seems to be saying, "I love this game!"
Jerry Shelton shows his style as he delivers a hit!
Tennant Emmons connects with the ball for a hit!
Jonas Mata shows how to throw left handed. Try it sometime, it's not easy!
Terry Dyke shows his strength in delivering a hit!
Ken Davis and his wife Filena drive to OKC from Okmulgee to play. Dedicated!
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Action from several games on June 2, the first night of the season. 


(Pictures by Mike Armstrong)

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